Comfort Car Seat Cushion - Truck Seat Cushion - 100 Percent Memory Foam Car Cushion - Body Heat Responsive Wedge Cushion



● CAR SEAT CUSHIONS FOR AUTOMOBILES - Our wedge cushion relieves pain while driving or sitting for long periods. It improves posture and increases comfort without putting pressure on your thighs like conventional seat cushions. Our driver seat cushion features a U-shaped cut out in the rear to suspend the tailbone and coccyx for added relief. Can also help relieve sciatic nerve pain (sciatica).
● 100 PERCENT MEMORY FOAM CAR CUSHIONS FOR DRIVING OR OFFICE CHAIRS - The memory foam absorbs pressure yet keeps its shape to support your tailbone, coccyx, lower back, lumbar, spine, hips, and legs from those severe pressure points.
● HEAT RESPONSIVE TECHNOLOGY - Our advanced memory foam adapts to body heat to mold perfectly to the shape of your bottom.
● NONSLIP RUBBER BOTTOM - Will stay in place in the car, airplane, stadium seat or wherever your trusty cushion may travel. No more struggles with readjusting the cushion every time you sit down. The wedge pad is also portable due to its convenient sewn-in handle.
● LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - We provide the best customer experience possible. If anything goes wrong with your seat cushion, we've got your back, or shall we say...butt. CAUTION: Non-slip rubber bottom may stain light colored leather/vinyl. Before use, wash cover in soap and hot water. Once the cover is dry, test for color fastness with a towel and hot water.