Cotton Hand Towel Set Hand Towels with Assorted Colors (Seafoam Green, Baby Pink, Brown, Blue Gray, Rust, Lavender 6)



● 100% Cotton
● Imported
● Highly Absorbent - These hand towels are made of 100% cotton, they can absorb the weight of water more than 5 times of it’s own
● Jewel-like colors - An array of hand towels in jewel toned colors are the perfect accessories for bright and fun bathrooms. The 6 colors of hand towels will be distinguished easily by your family members that wouldn’t happen to use the others’ which the solid colors may occur
● Dozens of test for Color fastness - We both wash one of the hand towels for many times in different ways like in the boiling water or hand wash it by detergents and wash all of them by machine, it turns out that these hand towels still keep their vibrant colors, there’s actually no color runs
● 144 loops per Square Inch - There are more than 144 loops per Square Inch that are dense enough to meet your daily needs well which means these hand towels are softer and more comfortable than normal towels