Kids Travel Neck Pillow - Cute U-Shaped Animal Pillows for Car, Toddlers, Child Travel Gift Idea

Color:  Bumblebee


● FUN LITTLE NECK PILLOWS for kids and toddlers keeps your child happy and comfortable for travel in car, airplanes, buses, boats. Kids like them so much they'll even walk around with them in the house
● GENTLE SUPPORT MICRO-BEADS pillow, not stiff memory foam so this travel pillow for kids easily molds around the seat back or carseat gently supporting their head without awkwardly pushing it forward
● EASY TO CLEAN AIRPLANE PILLOW for kids with both removable and washable cover with zipper to take on and off because hey!...these are for kids and nothing stays clean for longer than about a minute
● SECURE U-SHAPED PILLOW with snap to a bag, suitcase, backpack or luggage so you don't need an extra hand when your child says "will you carry this" because you know they will....they always do
● A SLEEPING KID IS GOLDEN so be the envy of all the other parents on the plane using a kid-sized animal pillow available in Pig, Frog, Ladybug, Owl and Bumblebee styles, also includes a downloadable Coloring Book