Neck Pillow Travel Cervical Pillow with Memory Foam Core & Washable Cover Infrared Ray Heating with Adjustable Temperature (Gray)



● ▶ Far Infared Heating Therapy: this neck pillow uses graphene heating film, during the heating process, the far-infrared wavelength emitted by graphene heating film is very close to human body’s far-infrared wavelength, it can effectively alleviate symptoms of neck & shoulder stiff and muscle pain, so it it a good choice to bring it for your business travel, driving and working etc.
● ▶ Fast Heating & Adjustable Temperature: as a new heating element- graphene, it can be heated up in 3 seconds, 10 seconds up to 35℃/95℉, and the efficiency of electrical and thermal conversion is over 99%. Moreover, this heating therapy neck pillow has 3 temperature ranged from 45℃/113℉ to 55℃/131℉ which can be adjusted according to different individual needs.
● ▶ Memory Foam Core & Washable Pillow Cover: this U-shaped pillow uses top-quality memory foam that offers an excellent support and super elastic recovery. U-shape and ergonomic design of heating travel pillow will support your neck without any discomfort. Meanwhile, the pillow cover can be removed & washed, and heating cervical pillow itself can also be shrinked & packed for carry anywhere.
● ▶ Easy Charging: the design of automatic adsorption charging port, even with eyes closed, the neck pad still can be quickly and easily connected to the USB cable for charging.
● ▶ Safety Using: the heating therapy neck pillow has a lower drive voltage of 3.7 volts and can be heated without causing electromagnetic radiation, not only that, the cervical pillow is set to turn off automatically after 0.5 hour heating, so you can use it every day safely.