Replacement Parts Compatible with Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner Amarey Robot Vacuum Cleaner



● Risk Free Compatibility - 100% compatible with Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner R300, R500, R500+, R3500, R3500S, R750, Bagotte BG600, BG700, BG800, Goovi D380 Robot Vacuum, D382 Robot Vacuum, iMartine 1600Pa C800, DeenKee DK600 Robot Vacuum, Amarey robot vacuum cleaner A800, A900, Oregon Scientific D300b.
● Great Value - Include 8 pcs for heavy-duty side brushes. A free pair of disposable gloves included for clean installation to protect your hands from dust.
● Outstanding Dust Removal Performance - The high-performance side brushes can reach a wide area and collect dust from every corner of your room thoroughly. The three legs of the brushes are designed in a precise angle to prevent dust raising while sweeping.
● Durability - JJ Neumann's side brushes are made from quality materials that can make our brushes last long
● Protective Package - Every two filters are carefully packed in a protective box with environmental friendly materials to keep brushes in good shape and ready to be used.