Sit-Back Dual-Purpose Cushion - High Density Molded Memory Foam for Ergonomic Comfort, Supports Lower Back or Seat



● Ergonomic backrest/seating device: contoured design of the dual-purpose cushion supports your back when you sit. Crafted using thermos-sensitive foam, the lower back support cushion is designed to distribute the weight evenly, and promote spine alignment and proper posture
● Lightweight and Portable: Compact and easy to carry, the cushioned backrest can be used at home, workplace, car or just about anywhere. Lower back support cushion you can sit straighter and correct your posture, instead of hunching over your desk. Sitback cushion is also ideal for pregnant women
● Pressure-Relieving Seating Comfort: this seat cushion from ObusForme ensures that you don’t slide around, and the memory foam doesn’t flatten out. Outer softer luxurious cover of the cushioned support ensures soothing comfort.
● Backrest cushion: you can use the support cushion as a backrest, in that case stretch the elastic strap over the top of the chair
● Cushioned seat: use the sitback cushion as a seat by stretching the elastic strap over the front of the seat of the chair