Support Pillow/Back Cushion,Memory Foam Orthopedic Backrest with Breathable 3D Mesh for Car Seat,Office/Computer Chair



● ERGONOMIC AND CONTOURED DESIGN:The ergonomic backrest with contoured structure can be placed anywhere along the back of a chair and fit any height person,only adjust its position slightly.It aligns your back while protecting&strengthening your muscles gently.Sit straighter and correct your posture,instead of hunched over your desk.
● ALLEVIATES LOWER BACK PAIN:A proper firmness memory foam compresses to take the shape of your back and curve,provide comfort and relief numbness of your back,relieve lower and mid back pain and tightness from long time sitting or driving,support back's curve to achieve perfectly spinal alignment and promote a healthy posture.
● BODY ACTIVE MEMORY FOAM:Back cushion adopt high precisely molded memory foam and will never flattens out.It can take the natural contour shape of your back and curve perfectly and provide comfortable lumbar support,so as to soothe your fatigue.
● REMOVEABLE,BREATHABLE AND WASHABLE:The zippered cover is removable and can be gently washed by hand or machine.Mesh ventilative cover keeps air circulating,so sweat and moisture doesn’t fill it up, to keep you cool and comfortable all day.Ideal for office and business gift etc.
● ADJUSTABLE STRAPS AND WIDE RANGE APPLICATION:There is an adjustable straps to keep this Orthopedic backrest for chair in place and prevent the back lumbar from sliding down.It’s perfect to use in most office chair,computer chair,desk chair,armchair,couch,car seat,SUV,truck,wheelchair and recliner seat etc.