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What are the steampunk props?

Steampunk culture usually uses some props with a sense of technology or ancient industrial beauty to emphasize the storyline or clothing style. The following are some common steampunk props:

1. Goggles and Eye Patches: Goggles and goggles have a techno and retro look and are the signature accessories of steampunk characters.

2. Wristwatch or pocket watch: Mechanical watches are very distinctive, and because they do not rely on electricity, they are related to the semi-mechanization pursued by steampunk culture. Pocket watches can more easily reveal an individual's historical background and social class.

3. Hats, hat accessories, or hair accessories: usually include top hats, bowler hats, boat hats, etc. It is very important to conform to the character of the period, and the materials used on it.

In addition, there are operating devices and mechanical equipment, kites and hang gliders, weapons and camouflages And explore unisex style options like bicycles, military caps, bow ties, and gloves.